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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do volunteers stay during the trip?

Housing conditions are usually rustic. Think simple and sustainable living. Volunteers will stay in modest housing community centers, local churches, hostels or camp facilities. Certain sites may require participants to bring bedding or a sleeping bag. Site leaders will provide more information prior to departure.If you have any concerns about accommodations or special needs, please email the director at and we will work together on a solution.

Why is the program fee non-refundable?

 The reason that the program fee is non-refundable is that program fees are used by the Center for Civic Engagement to pay for non-recoverable expenses in advance of the trips. An expense becomes non-recoverable when it has already been paid out to a vendor. Non-recoverable expenses vary by individual trip and may include, but are not limited to airfare, housing, program fees, transportation and administrative fees.

Doesn’t Alternative Service Breaks just contribute to colonialism and the White-Savior Industrial Complex?

Alright. Let’s just jump right in then! This is an important question. One that we take very seriously and discuss extensively in our leadership trainings. UK ASB is committed to providing service to community partners, which is specifically requested by the host site. This means that we include community partners in the development of our service experiences, rather than assuming we know best. UK ASB rejects “voluntourism,” recognizing that this type of service can often do harm to communities. We are not always perfect, but we are always trying to learn, grow, and improve.

How much does it cost to go on an ASB trip?

Over the past several years, UK ASB has made great progress in reducing the cost of our service trips. Our trip costs can be found on our Program Payments page. It is important to us that financial accessibility is not an insurmountable barrier to participation in our program. Therefore, we have several opportunities for individual and group fundraising throughout the year and a scholarship pool which will be awarded to applicants based on need alone.

Can I get credit for going on an Alternative Service Break?

Yes! In the Spring semester, we offer a course on active citizenship for ASB participants. This bi-weekly course prepares students to get the most out of their ASB experience, including deepening education and awareness of the interconnections between various social issues. Those who apply and are accepted to be site leaders participate in a weekly course exploring this content in more depth, as well as learning leadership skills and preparing for effectively leading their trips.

Are there opportunities to advance in the organization?

Absolutely! We have tiers of leadership and involvement, including  participants, site leaders, and executive team membership. If you have a passion for leadership, promotions, graphic design, fundraising, management, teaching, etc., there’s a way we could utilize and expand your talents within our organization!

I’m still on the fence…

We get it! Participating in an “alternative break” isn’t always as appealing as a “standard break.” However, we can guarantee that UK ASB can offer deep connections, meaningful service, lasting friendships, and lifelong lessons. We would love to meet with you to discuss your personal interests and passions. Stop by any time to talk about ASB or other programs in Gatton Student Center room A25