Where will YOU GO


what will YOU KNOW?

UK ASB is excited to release our applications for Executive Team and Leadership Team! The Executive Team is be composed of four positions (Leadership Education Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, and Community Development Coordinator). The Leadership Team is be composed of all our Site Leaders (two per trip). All of these positions are vital to the success of UK ASB!


Throughout your time in our program, you will learn valuable leadership skills, communication skills, conflict management, and further education about diversity, social justice, volunteering, and SO MUCH MORE! You will also receive a 50% discount on your trip!


Below, you will find links for the applications on JotForm. Attached to the applications are info packets on each position! You are able to apply for both Executive Team and Leadership Team, but you will only be selected for one position. Applications will close on Friday, April 10th at 5PM.


For Executive Team, you can click here!


For Leadership Team,  you can click here!