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  • University of Kentucky

Trip Descriptions

“Do all you can with what you have, in the time you have, in the place you are.”
~ Nkosi Johnson

2022-23 Alternative Breaks

Environmental Sustainability – FALL TRIP 2022 –

Location: Harlan County, KY Physical Intensity: Moderate. FALL 2022

UK ASB participants will be working with Pine Mountain Settlement School to enrich people and enhance lives through Appalachian place-based education for all ages. In carrying out our mission, we take a holistic approach to the stewardship of our natural, agricultural, human and built environment through community development, environmental education, sustainability, and Appalachian cultures and heritage. They have a community garden called Grow Appalachia, where we will help with the farm, feed animals, pick fruits and vegetables. There are a variety of classes and workshops related to crafting, music, storytelling, ceramic pottery studio, banjo lessons etc.

New American Pathways – SPRING TRIP 2023 – 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Physical Intensity: Moderate.

UK ASB participants be working with an Atlanta based nonprofit with the mission of Helping Refugees and Georgia Thrive. Participants will earn about refugee education, civic engagement, immigration, help individuals fill out medicare forms. Volunteer at after school program at elementary/middle schools where participants will be working with kids.

Environmental Sustainability – SPRING TRIP 2023 –

Location: Washburn, Tennessee. Physical Intensity: Moderate.
UK ASB participants will be working with an organization that provides experiential learning of Earth Literacy based on the cornerstones of community, sustainability and spirituality. Service-learning projects such as organic gardening, trail work, creek cleanup, possible natural building projects. Visit Memorial Wildflower Garden, Meditation Labyrinth and Natural Burial Preserve.

Disaster Recovery – SPRING TRIP 2023 – 

Location: Charlotte, North CarolinaPhysical Intensity: Moderate.

UK ASB participants will be working with an organization that seeks a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Tasks include framing, roofing, drywall installation, siding, painting, building sheds, trim work, minor repairs and more. No experience necessary – our site supervisors provide all the on-site support and training needed. Groups can also volunteer at a Charlotte Region ReStore for a morning or afternoon volunteer shift. Tasks include unloading donations, cleaning, sorting and carrying furniture. Join the Julia’s Café & Books team to collect books in host neighborhoods on Saturdays. Your group can help distribute flyers and tote bags or help pick up tote bags filled with books.


2021-22 Alternative Breaks

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness

Location: Washington, D.C. Physical Intensity: Moderate.
UK ASB participants be working with a number of organizations that strive to combat housing and food insecurity. Primarily, participants will be serving with organizations that seeks to end poverty by addressing its root causes through programs such as the provision of basic need items, workforce development, wraparound support, and neighborhood revitalization. Possible service activities may include stocking and sorting donations of clothes, personal items, and furniture, serving meals, gardening, or other outreach projects. Additional service and education on this trip may include preparing and serving meals to people experiencing homelessness, advocacy training, and discussions of structural barriers that prevent the upward mobility of community members.

Disaster Recovery

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico. Physical Intensity: High.
UK ASB participants will be working with an organization that provides relief to areas that have been ravished by natural disasters by rebuilding homes, supporting homeowners, and advocating for national recovery efforts that are equitable and efficient. Participants will be engaged in physical service, as they will be directly assisting with the rebuilding of damaged homes. Furthermore, participants will become knowledgeable about national disaster prevention and recovery strategies, and will discuss the long-term effects that natural disasters can impose upon communities.

Environmental Sustainability

Location: Washburn, TN. Physical Intensity: Moderate.
UK ASB participants will be working with an environmental conservation organization that seeks to mobilize their community to care for local greenspaces, parks, and waterways. Participants will be engaged in hands-on, outdoor service. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, planting trees, cleaning up waterways, removing litter from creeks and roadsides, and/or general greenspace maintenance. In addition to direct service, participants will receive daily educational development on topics such as the “leave no trace” philosophy, social justice through an environmental lens, and how to minimize wasteHarlan CountyAtlanta, Georgi