Global Youth Empowerment

Posted: January 14th, 2019. Written by: Haley Dicken

My week teaching at Outreach360 in Monte Cristi, DR drastically changed the way I view international service. My greatest fear going in was my contribution would end up being insignificant, but my experiences with the children taught me about the power in actions done poco a poco (little by little). In addition, I become more knowledgable of a country rich in history and culture. The whole experience was incredible and the memories I now have are my most treasured from my time at UK.”


Sustainable Agriculture

Posted: January 14th, 2019. Written by: Sarah Ward

” This trip provides so many amazing opportunities. I have not only learned the importance of sustainability and environmentalism, but also community. I expected to complete meaningful service for the host site, but I did not expect the friendship, support, and kindness they would give us in return. Above all, I have learned that on this trip you should expect the unexpected, but the unexpected will be an incredible experience.”





Posted: December 14th, 2018. Written by: McKaylee Copher

“As a Lexingtonian, I am so glad this ASB trip helped open my eyes to social issues affecting my community that I wasn’t even aware of. I had the opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone and take the blinders off to see what else I can do to impact my community.”

Domestic Violence Awareness

Posted: June 17th, 2018. Written by: Bri Sowers.

“This service trip was the complete opposite of what I was expecting – and in the best way possible. I’ve learned an extremely valuable life lesson regarding service, and that is that service does not need recognition. Your name doesn’t need to be ‘stamped’ on an act of service for the world to see. We serve to educate, inspire, and help others in the best ways for them. Service is a life-changing experience, and what I did and who I helped this week will have a small impact in a big way. Thank you to Safe Harbor for teaching me the value of indirect service, for it has directly affected me.”


Hunger & Homelessness Awareness

Posted: June 17th, 2018. Written by: Anna McCowan.

“I recently went on a trip to Washington, D.C. centered around hunger and homelessness. Working with this community one-on-one was very eye-opening, and I returned to Lexington with a huge desire to give back to these people here in our area. The Alpha Zeta Walk-A-Thon could not have occurred at a better time. The homeless community needs us now more than ever. This event is the perfect opportunity to jump right back in and help them here at home.”

Global Youth Empowerment

Posted: June 17th, 2018. Written by: Michael Hasis.

“I am so grateful for this humbling and life-changing experience to go to Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic and teach English to these beautiful children! Even though I was the teacher, the things I have learned about life from these kids is truly inspiring. I have learned so much about sacrificial love, pure joy, and gratitude. Also, it’s amazing how one week can bring fifteen strangers together and they can leave a family!” 

Sustainable Agriculture

Posted: June 17th, 2018. Written by: Lily Baker.

“The ASB trip to San Cristobal, Galápagos Islands, focused on Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation by working with the Jatun Sacha Foundation. The Galápagos’ ecosystem is one of the most unique in the world but is extremely threatened by introduced and invasive species that are unnatural to the environment. Jatun Sacha works to protect the Galápagos’ biodiversity by removing invasive species and replacing them with endemic species, as well as by exploring sustainable practices related to agriculture. Along with learning about and implementing conservation efforts on the island, our group explored the concept of sustainability and how it relates to our lives on campus and in Lexington. Because of this experience with ASB, our group is able to educate others on this issue and hopes to consider sustainable and environmentally conscious options and practices in our daily lives.”


Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Posted: June 17th, 2018. Written by: Sam Winslett.

“This spring break we went down to Forest Animal Rescue and helped construct an enclosure for their new red pandas. It was fun, but it was a lot of lifting and hard work. Going down there made me realize how many exotic animals are kept as pets and are subsequently abandoned. It was an eye-opening experience and the structure of ASB really helped me to process everything I learned and went through each day. I would love to go on this trip again!” 

Global Youth Empowerment

Posted: June 17th, 2018. Written by: Mahala Walker.

“In Nicaragua, I knew I would be teaching children English alongside an organization called Outreach360. When I got to Nicaragua and was immersed into the service, my perspective of empowerment through education completely changed. With education, we were empowering the children of Nicaragua to break the poverty cycles that their families are often trapped in. But, with education, I also realized the opportunity I had to obtain a job that will allow me to empower others through service. This trip challenged me, inspired me, and I would recommend it to anyone.”