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About Us

About Us

“You’ve got to go there to know there.” ~ Zora Neale Hurston

University of Kentucky (UK) Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) is a program run by students, for students. We go beyond the borders of Lexington and Kentucky and offer you an alternative way to spend your breaks!

In partnership with the national service organization Break Away, we do our part to connect UK students to service and learning opportunities across the U.S. and around the world.

Even better, our list of service trips continues to grow and change each year so that you can find an opportunity with a social issue focus you are passionate about. With so many different issues to focus on and locations to travel to, you are sure to find the right alternative service break experience for you. Regardless of which service trip you choose, you are guaranteed to come away from your experience with new friends, new knowledge, a renewed sense of self, and a renewed desire to serve.

We hope you will join us for what we hope will be a transformative and life changing experience for you. We say experience because involvement in UK ASB does not begin and end with your service trip. Rather, it extends throughout the academic year with orientation sessions, educational programs, service projects, fundraising events, and of course a reunion gathering! We expect that UK ASB volunteers make a full-year commitment to participating in UK ASB; we also challenge volunteers to extend their commitment to the community service beyond their participation in UK ASB.

Our goal is to build future leaders that are active, conscientious citizens. Our mission is about much more than the here and now. It is about future leaders making our future world a better place to be. As our motto says: “you’ve got to go there to know there.” So, our challenge to you is to go there. Go there physically. Go there mentally. Go there emotionally. Go there spiritually. Then come back here with the knowledge and know-how to make a difference wherever you go.

For more information, explore our website or contact us at We look forward to seeing you become a future UK ASB volunteer! To learn more about our national service organization Break Away visit their website,