ASB Executive Team

Meg Zugger
Program Director

Year: Sophomore

Major: Spanish and Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders

Why ASB: ASB gives me endless opportunities to interact with students who are interested in learning more about the world around them and the issues that impact people’s lives, whether that be here in Lexington, or somewhere across the globe. I love ASB because it shows me more about myself while being able to see new parts of the world and using my skills to help others.



Jessica Proskin
Program Advisor



Samson Tarpeh
Graduate Assistant




Jenna Perkins
Fundraising Coordinator

Year: Junior

Major: Human Health Sciences

Why ASB: My passion for service and loving people led me to ASB, an I;m so excited to be a part of an organization that values active citizenship as much as I do. As the fundraising chain, I am thrilled by the opportunities that our organization will have to raise financial resources for its domestic and international trips. While a part of ASB, I look forward to working with so many incredible UK students and to serve and grow from our service experiences. This year I said YES to timeless memories, countless leadership development opportunities, and a world (literally) of new friends!

Kelsey Aerni
Leadership and Education Coordinator

Year: Senior

Major: Human Health Sciences

Why ASB: I love ASB because it has given me so many opportunities to grow as a person and to do it alongside people who share my same interests. ASB has helped me find my passion for service and has inspired me to learn more about global issues. I applied for this position because I wanted to get more involved with an organization that has not only given so much to me, but that has given so much to the community and college students nationwide. I love ASB and can’t wait to serve as a member of the executive team!

Haley Campbell
Community Development Coordinator


Year: Senior

Major: Human Nutrition

Why ASB: I’ve often said that ASB has been the most important thing I’ve done during my college career and I don’t doubt that one bit! ASB has allowed me to meet so many people that are just as passionate about service as I am and has showed me how to channel that passion into meaningful, beneficial service. I’m so excited to continue my journey toward active citizenship and improve my leadership skills by serving on the Executive Team this year!


Clara Wood
Marketing Coordinator

Year: Junior

Major: Human Health Sciences

Why ASB: ASB has given me so many opportunities to learn about cultural issues alongside my peers and I can’t wait to give back to this wonderful organization. My favorite part about ASB is┬áthe variety of trips and issues in which students can immerse themselves. ┬áStudents, faculty, and staff are able to work towards becoming active citizens in several different issues all while creating relationships with campus and community leaders.