2015 Spring Break

Date: March 14-21, 2015
Location: David, Kentucky
Theme: Poverty in Appalachia
Cost: $475/Student (All-Inclusive)

The region of the U.S. known as Appalachia is at Lexington’s back door, yet the reality many Appalachian families face remain unknown to many Kentuckians. The David School located in David, Kentucky works to improve the quality of life for Appalachians in Kentucky, specifically youth. The mission of The David School is “to provide a comprehensive educational program for Appalachian youth and adults who have limited financial resources and the potential to succeed in a non-traditional setting.” UK ASB tentatively plans for volunteers to work with The David School, serving in a tutoring and mentoring capacity alongside children enrolled at the school, and assisting with general upkeep of the school grounds. Service activities will be supplemented by daily educational activities focused on the history of Appalachia including social issues prevalent in this area. Dorm-style housing and basic meals will be provided by the David School. For more information about the David School, visit: www.davidschool.org.


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Date: March 14-21, 2015
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Theme: Refugee Resettlement
Cost: $475/Student (All-Inclusive)

Just imagine – losing everything you own, including your home and family, and being thrust into a new environment with a different language, culture, food, norms, etc. Every day, refugees entering the U.S. face this experience, including feelings of fear and uncertainty that accompany such a life transition, in hopes of finding safe haven or a new life for themselves and their families. As one of the largest refugee resettlement areas in the U.S., Atlanta, Georgia plays host to several non-profit organizations that work to assist displaced refugees, victims of human trafficking, and others along their journey to resettle and regain self-sufficiency. UK ASB volunteers traveling to Atlanta, Georgia will serve these non-profit organizations through International Rescue Committee. Volunteers will assist these organizations as they work to provide refugees with social services, youth programs, health services, educational programs, etc. Daily, volunteers will also engage in facilitated reflections and education sessions focused on the complex issues associated with refugee resettlement. Volunteers will also spend one free day as a group exploring the city of Atlanta.For more information about the IRC, visit: www.rescue.org.


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Date: March 14-21, 2015
Location: Washington, D.C.
Theme: Hunger and Homelessness
Cost: $575/Student (All-Inclusive)

Washington, D.C. is a major hub for social advocacy and change in the United States, involving politicians, activists, and young people eager to make positive change in our world. Volunteers traveling to Washington, D.C. through UK ASB will work with the non-profit organization Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP), which is “committed to helping young people become part of the solution to societal problems.” YSOP was founded in 1983 to show young people how even their smallest actions can make a difference in the lives of others; last year over 4,800 young people volunteers more than 427,600 hours of direct service to hungry and homeless people through YSOP. UK ASB volunteers will prepare and serve meals at soup kitchens, distribute food and supplies at food pantries, socialize with individuals living in homeless shelters, and more. In addition, volunteers will spend one free day exploring Washington, D.C., specifically visiting sites that commemorate social movements in U.S. history. Dorm-style housing will be provided at a local hostel and the group will prepare its own meals. For more information about YSOP, visit: www.ysop.org.

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Date: March 14-22, 2015
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Theme: Disaster Relief
Cost: $475/Student (All-Inclusive)

In 2005, Hurricane Katina devastated the Atlantic coast of the United States, causing an estimated $81 billion in property damage. Nine years later, areas of New Orleans, Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast are still in a state of recovery and rebuilding. UK ASB volunteers who travel to New Orleans, Mississippi will work with the non-profit organization St. Bernard Project, whose motto is “Rebuilding the Homes and Lives of Katrina Survivors.” While working with the St. Bernard Project, a non-profit organization devoted to the rebuilding and recovery of the Gulf Coast area after Hurricane Katrina, volunteers will assist with housing recovery and community development programs. Additionally, volunteers will work with Grow Dat Youth Farm, an urban youth farm located in New Orleans City Park that strives to create “a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food.” Dorm-style housing and basic meals in New Orleans will be provided. Volunteers will also spend one free day as a group exploring the city of New Orleans, including visiting historic sites in the city and exploring areas of the city still rebuilding. For more information about the St. Bernard Project, visit: www.stbernardproject.org. For more information about Grow Dat, visit: www.growdatyouthfarm.org.

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Date: March 14-22, 2015
Location: Silver Springs, Florida
Theme: Animal Conservation
Cost: $475/Student (All-Inclusive)

New to UK ASB this year is our first service immersion working with animal conservation, and our first visit to the Sunshine State! UK ASB volunteers who travel to Silver Springs, Florida will work with the non-profit organization Forest Animal Rescue, which is a lifetime care sanctuary for non-releasable wild animals rescued from lives of abuse or neglect such as big cats, bears, wolves, primates, bats, and more. Throughout the week, UK ASB volunteers will work on various projects around the site, ranging from constructing new habitats to rehabilitating old ones. Because it takes weeks of training to properly feed and care for these animals, and for safety reasons, UK ASB volunteers will not work in direct contact with these animals, but rather assist with construction or other projects at the site. Dorm-style housing and basic meals in Silver Springs will be provided. Volunteers will also spend one free day as a group exploring Marion County, Florida. For more information about Forest Animal Rescue, visit: www.forestanimalrescue.org.

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Date: March 14-21, 2015
Location: Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic
Theme: Global Youth Empowerment
Cost: $1,850/Student (All-Inclusive)

UK ASB volunteers traveling Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic will work with the non-profit organization Outreach360 (formerly Orphanage Outreach), whose primary mission is to “Release the Hero Within – to involve people to provide opportunities to orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children in the Dominican Republic.” Specifically, volunteers will participate in Outreach360’s Teach Corps-English Education program, helping to teach children basic English language skills in one of Outreach360’s Learning Centers or Camps. Volunteers will stay in local housing provided by Outreach360 while in the Dominican Republic and partake of local food which will be prepared and served by Outreach360 staff. Staff will provide opportunities for volunteers to learn more about the history and culture of the Dominican Republic, including issues affecting youth and education, and volunteers will spend one free day exploring the local area. This may visiting historic landmarks, shopping at a local market, hiking “El Morro,” and/or visiting the beach. Group flights to the Dominican Republic will be booked by UK ASB. Group flights to the Dominican Republic will be booked by UK ASB, and students will depart as a group to/from Lexington. For more information about Outreach360, visit: www.outreach360.org.

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Date: March 14-22, 2015
Location: Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Theme: Global Public Health
Cost: $2,250/Student (All-Inclusive)

Join UK ASB as we partner with Shoulder to Shoulder Global (STSG), an organization created at the University of Kentucky – and at universities across the country – “to improve the health and well-being of impoverished and underserved communities globally.” STSG sends annual medical brigades to Ecuador, where UK owns and operates a health clinic, in order to fulfill its mission. Again this year, STSG and UK ASB will team up to send an undergraduate brigade during spring break to focus on issues of global public health. UK ASB volunteers who travel to Ecuador will engage in service projects as identified by STSG staff, particularly focused on community outreach and education. Because assisting clinic staff requires specific knowledge and skills, UK ASB volunteers will not work directly with patients in the clinic, but rather assist with other projects that support the clinic and its work in the community. Through this experience, volunteers will learn more about health-related issues facing Ecuadorians, understand the importance of outreach work in addressing these issues, and gain basic knowledge about the history and culture of Ecuador. Volunteers will spend free time as a group experiencing Ecuadorian culture through food, music, and activities such as a visiting the equator line in Mindo, ziplining through the Andes mountains, and/or visiting museums, churches, and shops in Quito. Group flights to Ecuador will be booked by UK ASB, and students will depart as a group to/from Lexington. For more information about STSG, visit: www.uky.edu/international/shoulder_to_shoulder.

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